MOOCHUU mc01 flip flop (8 colors)

MOOCHUU mc01 flip flop (8 colors)


MOOCHU is a brand that completes sandals for summer travel with a focus on colorful products. Combining colors, choose glamour and modernity to pursue a unique style daily look.


MOOCHU is a must-have item slippers in summer. Its basic design and stable form of slippers make it comfortable and practical. Made of non-slip rubber, moist, non-slip rubber, it has hard soles and soft straps for a comfortable fit.


MOOCHU slippers have a stylish look with no special details. It is a must-have item for daily wear or travel as a summer product.


It's not wet or slippery, so it's good to wear on a rainy day or beach. It's also good for everyday shoes.


  • Soft straps of eco-friendly materials using recycled rubber

  • Comfortable heel

  • Unique patterned non-slip soles



  • Material: Rubber, PVC

  • Made in Thailand

  • NoTag is the official Korean seller of MOOCHUU