HERMANN smart key leather case_HYUNDAI (sHJ 100)

HERMANN smart key leather case_HYUNDAI (sHJ 100)


*** Please check your Smart Key Shape before ordering. Refunds and exchanges are not possible for the wrong selection.


Introducing Herrmann Studio

Hermann goes through product planning and design production. To make a great product, we are doing our best to carefully check all the products and give them a good experience.


  • Fine quality: Best Smart Key Case maker in Korea

  • 100% Italian Vegetable Leather from Badalassi: high quality and color

  • High quality Brass


Leather Imprint options

  • Please send a message/chat to us for leather imprinting.

  • An imprint can be up to 13 English characters in one line.

  • The imprint will not be corrected, so please consider it carefully.



  • Hermann is a hand-made leather. There may be some color differences depending on when the leather is produced.

  • Leathers can have scars, mosquito bites, wrinkles, etc. from wounds caused by cows living.

  • Hermann's leather surface has a unique texture. This is a trace of hand-crafted steel beads for a nice texture.

  • Natural leather is vulnerable to moisture and oil. It's best to take care of it with a leather cleaner. If the product is contaminated by accident, we recommend leather cleaner instead of wiping it with wet tissue. If there is no leather cleaner, make foam with a wash soap, rub the surface carefully, remove the foam with a dry cloth, and dry it in the shade.



  • Material: Leather, Brass

  • Size: about 5 * 8cm (strap size is not included)

  • Made in Korea