HELINOX outdoor camping table o m black

HELINOX outdoor camping table o m black


Tables O series can have stains or small scratches on the surface due to their material properties. This is a natural process and there is nothing wrong with the product. As a result, exchange or return is not allowed.


  • Super Compact

  • Easy to assemble

  • Ultra-lightweight


The tabletop is made of HPL material. This material has been recognized for its durability and heat resistance to be used as an interior and exterior material of the building and is resistant to scratches, wear, and high heat, so it can be used for a long time.


Frames are made of DAC aluminium, so it is lightweight and strong. 



  • Weight: 700g(without case) / 740g (case included)

  • Capacity: 3kg (7lb)

  • Size: assembled size 40 x 50 cm / paced size 40 x 43 cm



Starting with the hiking stick in 2009, Helinox, a global outdoor brand, has developed and produced camping Furniture and accessories that allow users of Helinox products to enjoy comfortable rest anytime, anywhere.