BAKE-SOLE yeast pesto pesto

BAKE-SOLE yeast pesto pesto


  • UPPER: 10oz Natural Dyeing Canvas

  • OUTSOLE: Madeleine - 100% Vulcanized Rubber 35mm

  • LINING: 20 Count Twill Fabric

  • INSOLE: Light-weight Cushioned Cup-insole

  • EYELET: Circle / Silver

  • SHOELACE: Off-white 8mm Flat Poly Shoelaces

  • LABEL: Wooven Tongue Label, Printed rubber hill label with enamel coating



  • SIZE: Please check the SIZE GUIDE  image


BAKE-SOLE is a Korean  brand created by the concept of making fresh, hot shoes like fresh bread every day. Under the motto of "Fresh Vulcanized Shoes Served Daily," a number of categories of shoes are produced in fresh quality through their own factories. Basically, we have a RAWTECH, Perfect Rawness mission that inherits the origin of the shoes, makes them through modern maximized technology and the touch of our finest craftsmen, and keeps the old more perfect with modern technology.